The Original Web-controlled Shortwave Radio


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News & Notes

Current Receiver Tuning

    Frequency:           11.71000*MHz

    Modulation:          AM
    IF Bandwidth:        6.0 KHz
    Auto. Gain Control:  FAST
    Attenuator/Preamp:   PRE
    Sync. Detector:      OFF
    Noise Blanker:       WIDE

About The Station

Since July, 1995 the radio has been tuned by Internet visitors 346,000 times and 475,000 audio samples have been sent to thousands of listeners in 85+ countries. If you want to read about how it works - complete with lots of technical nitty-gritty - I have some notes on the implementation.


Reston Virginia, USA
N38°56'27" W77°20'11"


60-foot Attic Loop


Drake R8 Communications Receiver

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