Shortwave Station Presets

Shortwave radio is by its nature unpredictable - that's part of the fun. Whether you can hear a given transmission depends on location, time of day, season, and solar activity. That said, below are some station "presets" which will tune my radio to a signal you should have a good chance of hearing.

Which of the lines below are active links depends on what time of day you load this page. The two numbers at the beginning of each line give the time of day (in universal time) that the station is likely to be heard here. If the current time is within a line's range, that line is displayed as a HTML link.

Selecting one of these links will bring up the Tuning Control form with the Frequency and Station fields filled in for you. You can then make changes to the form, or just select Enter.

Mediumwave Presets

If you're from the part of the world I am, mediumwave is what you call "AM." At these frequencies, lower than shortwave, it's pretty much a day versus night affair. Here are a few stations that can usually be heard at my house:

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