R8 Tuning Control

Enter a frequency, either in kilohertz (e.g. "6165") or megahertz (e.g. "15.325"), between 110 KiloHertz and 30 MegaHertz - sorry, it doesn't get VHF. Select modulation, intermediate frequency bandwith and other options. The default settings are good for most world radio broadcasts. For ham and utility signals pick USB or LSB, a narrower bandwidth and slow AGC. (Tune CW signals 0.5KHz below zero-beat if you select the way-narrow 0.5KHz filter.)

The Station field is optional and has no effect on the tuning of the radio; its content, if present, will be displayed as a comment on the Last 25 Frequencies page.

Frequency: Station:

Modulation: AM   USB   LSB   CW   NBF  

IF Bandwidth: 6.0 KHz   4.0 KHz   2.3 KHz   1.8 KHz   0.5 KHz  

Auto. Gain Control: Fast   Slow  

Attenuator/Preamp: Off   Attenuator (-10dB)   Preamp (+10dB)  

Noise Blanker: Off   Narrow   Wide  

Sync. Detector: On  

Don't know what's on? Try my new Station Presets page for a selection of shortwave and mediumwave stations that can usually be heard at my location. Or check out Dan Sampson's Prime Time Shortwave page, an extraordinary resource for Shortwave broadcast time and frequency information.

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