APL-ASCII Transliteration Programs

This directory contains versions of the APLASCII transliteration workspace for various APL systems. One program in the workspace translates APL symbols to ASCII phrases (for example, the iota symbol becomes "{iota}"), allowing APL statements and functions to be included in ASCII e-mail messages and newsgroup postings. Another program reverses the process, translating the ASCII phrases back to APL symbols. The workspace also contains numerous utility functions that:

The transliteration is designed to be easily understood even by APLers who have never seen it before, and the process is completely reversible--a transliteration and restoration cycle always recovers the original input exactly. The programs allow any number of alternative keywords to be specified for each APL symbol. For example, the rho symbol can be represented as either {rho}, {shape}, or {reshape}. Users can add their own keywords and specify keyword preferences for individual symbols.

Copyright to the software is held by the author, but permission is granted to freely use, distribute, and modify the software provided you leave the copyright notices intact.

Files currently available include:

aplplus1.zip - APL*PLUS /PC version
aplplus2.zip - APL*PLUS II /386 version
aplplus3.zip - APL*PLUS III /Windows version
apl2.zip - APL2 version
aplascii.atf - APL2 version, uncompressed
dyalog.zip - Dyalog APL version
APLASCII.DXF - Dyalog APL version, uncompressed
mac68k.hqx - Macintosh APL.68000 version
isiapl.zip - Sharp/ISI APL version
aplascii.saw - Sharp/ISI APL version, uncompressed

The .zip files must be uncompressed using software that is compatible with pkunzip, version 1.1 or later. (Except dyalog.zip, which requires pkunzip 2.04g.) The mac68k.hqx file must be uncompressed using Stuffit Expander, version 3.5 or later.

Here is how to load the workspaces once you have moved the files to your computer and uncompressed them:



Dyalog -

Use the DWSIN workspace supplied with Dyalog APL to read the .DXF file. Execute:

'APLPLUS' {delta_}{delta_}DWSIN 'APLASCII'
(where {delta_} stands for the symbol delta-underbar).

NOTE! On Unix, the APLASCII.DXF file name must be in uppercase letters (as shown by the "ls" command). Don't change the name to lowercase!

APL.68000 - The mac68k.hqx file contains a saved workspace named APLASCII. Put the workspace in the APL.68000 folder, and load the workspace using )LOAD 99 APLASCII.

Sharp/ISI - Use )load aplascii. Note that user-level names (e.g., describe, install, apl2ascii, etc.) have been converted to lowercase in this version.

APL2 and Dyalog APL users should execute )SAVE APLASCII after reading in the workspace. This will permit you to simply )LOAD the APLASCII workspace in subsequent sessions.

See the DESCRIBE variable in the workspace for information on how to use the programs.

NOTE! You must run the INSTALL function in the workspace before using the programs. INSTALL creates some necessary variables.

If you want to port the workspace to another APL system, please contact the author, who will guide you through the somewhat complicated and none-too-well-documented process.

Please send bug reports, comments, and suggestions to the author, Jim Weigang, at jimw@chilton.com or, by postal mail, to:

Jim Weigang
P.O. Box 542
Leeds, MA   01053

Information about any recent enhancements and papers about the development of these programs (along with much other useful information) can be found in Jim's Web pages. Point your browser at http://www.chilton.com/~jimw.

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