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I Want Everything!

I Want Everything!

Tired of watching your browser's status line do the looking up, contacting, downloading dance as you navigate this site? Give it up! You can download this entire web site, put it in a directory on your computer, and browse it offline without any delays at all. Simply click on the link below, unzip the file in a new directory, and then use the File | Open menu item in your browser to display the Welcome.html file.
Download JIMSPGS.ZIP (about 500K)

Ah, but it should be so simple. Usually it is, but if you are running Windows 95 and you use a DOS version of pkunzip to extract the files, the file extensions may be changed to from .html to .htm. You can fix this problem by going to a DOS prompt, using the cd command to change to the appropriate directory, and executing the command "rename *.htm *.html".

JimW's Home Page